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Post-Mastectomy Treatment with Graston Technique Therapy

Curious about Graston Technique and post-surgical scarring?

 Check this out! (This was a patient that wanted to document treatment with pictures and she gave permission to be used as a case report/study Hands On Health Chiropractic & Massage with Dr. Reena Pathak).

Graston Technique is an great therapy. 

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Flip-flops and foot problems?

The heat is on this week with temperatures soaring to an average of 32 °C/ 91 °F not including the humidity. That being said, everyone is looking to find ways to stay cool. I recommend water for hydration, and if you have to be outside working, to take it easy and frequent breaks if possible. I personally enjoy being indoors in the air conditioning. If I have anything I need to do outdoors, it is done early morning or evening when it is cooler.

One way that people use to stay cool is to wear shorts, t-shirts and even by wearing the flip-flops. Here is a link from the Huffington Post that shows some reasons that flip-flops are not the best choice for shoes even though they help people stay cool. 

Huffington Article about Flip-Flops

If you don’t follow the link to the article, here is the pertinent information: 

“This summer staple might be a real health flop. Aside from the obvious lack of protection (meaning you’re more vulnerable to dropped objects, stubbed toes and the like), your favorite pair could be seriously damaging your feet. “The feet are the foundation of your whole body. This is the base of the skeleton,” says Jackie Sutera, a podiatrist in New York City. “It’s a domino effect… the rest of your joints and bones have to compensate.” Like anything else, moderation is key: Slipping flip flops on by the pool or for a short jaunt likely won’t cause any harm — the problems arise when your thongs become your go-to summer shoes. Sutera, along with Cary Zinkin, a podiatrist in Deerfield Beach Fla., and a spokesperson for the American Podiatric Medical Association, break down exactly what’s happening to your foot when you slide into a pair”.

Summer 2016 Newsletter

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Topics: Just Start Walking; The Function of a Running Shoe; Pain: the Roadblock to Your Family Vacation; Product Spotlight — Fisiocrem

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Summer 2016 Newsletter

Summer is Here!  Flip Flop Season?

Summer is here. It’s sandal season. Are flip flops bad for your feet? Here’s what happens when you wear the flimsy sandal
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Flip Flops – Good or Bad?

Suffering From Low Back Pain? Chiropractors Can Help

Market research continues to show that pain is one of the main reasons that people seek out chiropractic for the first time. This short video recently created by the OCA describes some of the proven strategies to beat low back pain. It shows how chiropractors can help people find the cause of their pain and recommend the right options to find relief and keep it from coming back.

Suffering from Low Back Pain? Chiropractors Can Help (Video) 

For more information visit: Ontario Chiropractic Association or Dr. Reena Pathak’s website 

Profile video – Dr. Reena Pathak

New video! Do you like it? 

Special thanks to Taylor Busch.

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Video of New Office Space

 Hi everyone!

We are at the same address in a new office space (our signs aren’t up yet).

Just as a reminder, the address is: 

  • 4050 Walker Road,Windsor ON N8W 3T5

The new office space is right beside State Farm Insurance. 
The new website is 

Happy New Year! 

The front area of the office

The back area of the office 

Winter 2015 Newsletter 

The Winter 2015 Newsletter is available on OUR NEW WEBSITE (which is still a work in progress). The new website is Dr. Reena Pathak

The newsletter is here

Topics include

  • Recreational Activities to Minimize Stress and Prevent Back Pain
  • How the Cold Weather Can Have An Impact on Your Muscles and Tendons
  • Eating Right for Your MSK Health
  • Product Spotlight: UltraCalm, Ultra Protein and Ultra Meal Rice protein bars


Happy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is the time to be thankful, a time to remember and to embrace those who enrich our lives.
I count you among my many blessings. Thinking of you and sending warm wishes for a bright and beautiful holiday!

Have a great long Thanksgiving weekend, everyone!