Dr. Reena Pathak

Dr. Reena Pathak

Dr. Reena Pathak is a Chiropractor in Windsor, Ontario.  Her office offers a relaxing environment at Hands On Health Chiropractic & Massage that allows patients enough time to have all of their health care needs and concerns addressed.

Rehabilitation, self-care and prevention are emphasized to reduce the potential of re-injury or relapse. She believes that it is not only her job to help you feel better, but to give you the tools to become independently healthy for life.

As Dr. Reena says,“Health care is most effective when there is a partnership between a patient and their health care providers. While many conditions can be addressed through positive lifestyle choices, it is my goal to assist your body’s natural healing mechanisms and to show you how to best care for yourself outside of the office.”

Dr. Reena enjoys treating patients of all ages. She is passionate about chiropractic and complementary medicine and enjoys incorporating these facets of medicine into her patient’s lives.

She implements a wide variety of chiropractic techniques in conjunction with rehabilitation and exercises to individualize each patient’s treatment plan. Dr. Reena believes that active patient participation in conjunction with patient education is the most efficient means to optimizing her patients’ health.

Additionally, she integrates evidence-based chiropractic medicine, acupuncture, rehabilitation into a program customized to your needs allows you to return to your active lifestyle without pain.  

Dr. Reena is a certified Graston Technique® provider a provider of Metagenic Supplements and  FirstLine Therapy®(Nutritional Counselling)Additionally, she offers Chiropractic Treatment, Exercise Rehabilitation, Acupuncture, Custom Foot Orthotics and Compression Hosiery and KinesioTaping.  The office also offers Registered Massage Therapy.


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